Sun Serial Console HowTo

Cisco Serial Device (Sun Console Server)

There are 32 lines available for connection, but only 18 are currently hooked up. They are defined as:

ip host line50 2050
ip host line49 2049
ip host line48 2048
ip host line47 2047
ip host line46 2046
ip host line45 2045
ip host line44 2044
ip host line43 2043
ip host line42 2042
ip host line41 2041
ip host line40 2040
ip host line39 2039
ip host line38 2038
ip host line37 2037
ip host line36 2036
ip host line35 2035
ip host line34 2034
ip host line33 2033

When you login, there will be a banner describing which line is associated with what machine. To connect to a line, simply type 'connect line33'. It will again ask you for the password in the spreadsheet, and then you'll be connected to the console of the Sun server. A couple of handy commands are:

Break back to cisco device 'ctrl+left shift+6' then 'x'
Send server a break signal 'ctrl+left shift+6' then 'b'
Show current connections 'who'
Forcefully disconnect a line 'clear line xx' where 'xx' is the line number.

After breaking back to the cisco device, 'discon' will disconnect the session you just came from.

The ip address of this device is indicated in the americanheart.xls spreadsheet on toaster, and is currently If this is changed in the future, it will be updated in the spreadsheet.