Helm - Credit Card Transactions

When a customer purchases something through an online gateway, the transaction gets recorded in the Billing section.



Click on the “Customer Credit Card Transactions” icon from the Billing Menu and you will be taken to the transactions screen:



The transactions within the Report Period are listed. These include the date attempted, account number used, the friendly name of the user’s card, the amount the transaction was for, the gateway used, and whether the transaction was successful (if not, a reason for the failure is given).

You can change the Report Period using the handy calendar icons to choose the dates you wish to view. You can also search for specific cards, by choosing the Prefix (first 4 numbers of the card) or the Suffix (last 4 numbers of the card).


Credit Card Failure Notification:

You can specify a notification that will get sent to your resellers if a credit card payment fails. Choose “Credit Card Notification Failure” from the Billing Settings menu.



As with most other custom notifications, you can choose:

  • The email address it gets sent from
  • Whether it’s sent via the Internal Message System
  • Whether you want a copy sent to another email address (for instance, yours).
  • Whether you want to send it in HTML format.