Helm - Adding Cards For Payment

Now that you have set up the gateways and credit cards ready for your customers to use, you will want to set up a credit card of your own so that you can pay for your reseller account, and any other purchases you may make through Helm.

To do this, choose Billing from the Home menu:



You now need to add credit card details to Helm so that you can start paying for your account. Choose “Manage Credit Cards” from the Billing menu. The next screen will tell you that you have no credit cards currently set up, so click “Add New”.



On this screen, you can specify what card type you want to pay with, and the friendly name you wish to call it. It is highly recommended that you choose a relevant name instead of My Credit Card (which is default). For instance, in the above example “My Visa Card” is chosen for Visa. Relevant names are important if you are planning on adding several cards to the system. Once you have chosen the name and type of card, click “Next”.



You will be presented with the above screen. Some points of note:

Security Code: This code is the last 3 digits on the signature strip of your card. Some cards will ignore this, but some need it.

Default Credit Card: Checking this box will make Helm automatically select this credit card for any future payments, so if there are a choice of cards under your account this is the one that will be used.

Enter the relevant details for your card, and click “Save” to save them:



Once saved, the credit card number will be blanked out except for the prefix and suffix. The security code is also blanked out.