Helm - ProTx VSP

Below is the Gateway Settings page for ProTx VSP, which you will need to customise as appropriate:




Check this box in order to make this gateway available for your customers to use.

CC Failure Retry Limit:

The number of times (after the initial attempt) that Helm will try and pay the gateway. For instance, if this is set to 3 then Helm will attempt to contact the gateway a total of 4 times.

Payment Description:

The description that your customers will see for this gateway. One useful feature here is if you put the variable [creditcardname] into the payment description, Helm will replace this variable with the “friendly” name of the user's card. E.g. you could put “Payment by [creditcardname]” in this field.

ProTx VSP Protocol:

A required field which is submitted to the ProTx gateway. This is actually a version number of a ProTx protocol that they use – and hence may change at a later date. If this is the case, ProTx should inform you of the new version number.

ProTx DLL Path:

The location of the ProTx DLL file. You will get sent this DLL when you sign up for a ProTx account. The path to this file can be altered as necessary to wherever you wish.

Vendor Login Name:

The login name provided to you by ProTx.

Sub-Merchant ID:

A ProTx-specific field – should be set to 1.

Purchase/Preauth/Refund URL:

Links to the relevant ProTx gateway pages. These are already filled in and don’t need to change.

Currency Code:

The currency that the account is being paid in. It has to be supported by one of the VSP accounts, e.g. “EUR”, “USD”, “GBP”, etc.

Once you have entered the relevant details, click the “Save” button to save them. You now need to choose which credit/debit cards you will accept to use with this gateway.


Adding Cards to ProTx VSP:

Credit/Debit Cards Supported by ProTx:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Switch
  • Delta
  • Solo

On the Payment Gateway Settings screen, you will see that it currently displays “There are no credit card types assigned to this gateway”. Click Add New to add one:





Choose a card from the dropdown menu and click Save. This will get added to the supported cards that your customers can pay with. Repeat this action for as many cards as you wish to support:



To remove any cards from a gateway, simply select them from the list, then in the new screen choose “Delete”. Once completed, click “Back” to return to the Payment Gateway Settings page.