Helm - Billing Customers

Helm has an integrated billing system that can bill your customers for you. Using Helm’s billing system is optional; it’s possible to disable the entire system. If you do opt to use the Helm billing system, it is customizable and should be able to meet your needs. The following items can be customized:

  • Currency Symbol
  • Tax Rate
  • Tax Name
  • Number of days “early” that a customer can be invoiced.
  • Invoice subject
  • Invoice sent from specific email address
  • BCC invoices to specific email address
  • Invoice Header
  • Invoice Footer

The billing system is capable with interfacing with many payment gateways, and is also capable of providing your customers with the option of paying via Cheque or Bank Transfer. The following payment gateways are supported:



Helm’s billing system automatically creates the necessary invoice and emails the customer a copy of the invoice. The invoice instructs the user to login to the control panel so that they can remit payment.

In addition to automatically sending the invoices to your customers, you can configure HELM to send your customers payment notices before and after the invoice due date. For example, you could send your customers a daily payment reminder before their payment due date, and then after their due date, you could configure HELM to send out letters in an escalating fashion that warn your users their account is past due and maybe suspended for non payment, etc if they don’t remit payment.


Automated Billing Through The Control Panel:

Helm now has the ability to support automated billing via the use of online payment gateways, and can safely store the credit card details of your customers which will allow for a much smoother transaction, and takes the hassle out of billing for both your customers and yourself. Whether this is enabled or not is dependent on your Helm administrator.


Current Supported Online Payment Gateways:

Helm supports the following online payment gateways for automated billing:

  • Authorize.Net
  • ProTx VSP
  • Moneris eSelect Plus

To set one or all of these up, go to:

Home > Billing Menu > Billing Settings



Choose “Payment Gateways” from this screen. Now, select the payment gateway you wish to enable from the Automatic Recurring Billing Gateways list, and click Next.