Helm - Setting Up Extra Features

One of the nice functions of Helm is that it allows you to define additional features (more disk space or data transfer, for example) that your users can provision through their control panel - without your interaction.

From the control panel home page you can access the Extra Features section by going to:

Hosting Plans > Choose a Hosting Plan > Set Up Extra Features

Once you are at the Extra Features screen, you will see a list of any features you have already configured. There will also be an “Add New” button that you can click to create extra features. Upon clicking on the “Add New” button, you will be presented with the “Add Extra Feature” screen.


The description of the feature – this is what your customer will see when ordering new features (e.g. 50MB Additional Disk Space).




Resource Type:

The type of resource you would like to sell. For example, extra disk- space or extra data transfer. Or you could create a feature that would enable PHP on the customer’s site.


This field is only used for features that start with “Extra” in the dropdown list. For example, if you want to sell 50MB of additional disk space, you would select “Extra diskspace (MB)” as the Resource Type and enter 50 in the quantity field.

Setup Fee:

This is a one time fee that will be charged to the customer for “setting up” the additional features. Set this field to 0 if you would like the setup to be free.

Recurring Fee: Here you enter the recurring fee and term (how often the fee recurs). If you would like to provide this feature for free, set the recurring fee to 0.

Available to Purchase:

If this box is not checked, your customer will not be able to purchase this feature. This box is useful if you start offering a new feature, but then decide to stop offering it. When you stop offering it, you would simply uncheck the “available to purchase” option.




Shared Across All Plans:

This feature is especially useful if you have standard extras that you would like to offer across all of your hosting plans. For example, if you have a standard rate for additional diskspace and data transfer, you would only have to input this feature once and then you could check “shared across all plans”. After you have inputted your additional feature(s), click on the “Save button to continue.