Helm - Adding Your Hosting Plans

As a Helm reseller, you must create your own hosting plans to offer to your customers. Before you begin with this section, we recommend completing the “Helm Hosting Plan” worksheet found on the next page. This worksheet is an aid that will help you define what hosting features will be included in each of your hosting plans. After completing the worksheet, click on the “Hosting Plans” icon to continue.



Step 1:

From the control panel home page, click on the “Hosting Plans” icon.

Step 2:

Click on the “Add New” button.

Step 3:

At the “Add Hosting Plan” screen, enter the Plan Name, Setup Fee, Recurring Fee and frequency. Click the “Save” button. At this point, your plan has been added to Helm, but you still need to define the many different quota options.


Step 4:

Click on the package you just created, then click on the “Resource Limits” icon.


Step 5:

At the Plan Resource page, enter the number of domains, the amount of bandwidth and the disk space included with the hosting plan. Click the “Save” button.


Step 6:

Click on the “Web Resources” button. Fill out this screen according to the options you decided upon earlier when you filled out the worksheet. Click the “Save” button when you have completed this form. Click “Back” to return to the Plan Resources page.

Note:  FrontPage Webs: If the plan’s quota includes 2 domains total, and 2 FrontPage Webs, and FrontPage-based sites set up will come out of both the FrontPage Webs quota and the domains quota. Thus, allowing the user to set up FrontPage Webs will not allow them to set up more domains than allowed by the maximum number of domains.


Step 7: Repeat Step 6 for Email Resources, FTP Resources, DNS Resources, etc.