Helm - Adding A Records For Webmail And The Control Panel

Adding an A record so that you can use webmail.yourdomain.com or control.yourdomain.com can be done 2 ways.

The first way will create webmail or control.yourdomain.com and add it to one domain only. The second method I will explain will add these records as global records which means that when you or a client adds a domain then webmail and control will be added automatically.

Note:  The following instructions are for those using the AJL01 server. For those using the AJL03 server please contact support for the IP information.

Adding webmail.yourdomain.com and control.yourdomain.com:

  1. Log in to Helm
  2. Click Domains
  3. Select the domain you want to add the A record for
  4. Click DNS Zone Editor
  5. Click Add New
  6. Input the following.

    Record Type: A (Host Record) (Default setting)
    Record Name: (Either webmail or control)
    Record Data: (Webmail) or (control)

    MX should be left at zero.

  7. Hit Save

This will now have created the record for either webmail or control. It may take about an hour before it starts to work.

Adding webmail.yourdomain.com and control.yourdomain.com automatically for each new domain:

  1. Click Account Settings
  2. Click Global DNS Settings
  3. Follow Step 6 as above.
  4. Hit Save

With this step each of the "new" domains added to the system will automatically inherit the A records.