Helm - Creating Email Addresses

Creating POP3 mail boxes and forwarders is easy with HELM. To access the page to edit these please click on Domains and then on the domain you want to edit email for.

Below are several video tutorials available for help:
Creating a Mail Box
Creating an Auto responder
Creating a default (catchall) email account
Creating an email forwarder (redirect)

Accessing your POP3 Mail Box:

Now that you have created your mail box you need to know how to download the emails and also how to send emails.

This example will explain how to configure Microsoft Outlook 2000. Other mail programs are similar and will use the same settings.

  1. Click on Tools, Accounts and then the Mail tab then click Add Mail Box.
  2. Enter the name that you want to appear in the From field when you send the email. e.g. support@whereever.com may use "Stormhosts Support" here.
  3. Enter the Email Address that you created. whoever@whereever.com
  4. Select My incoming mail server is a POP3 server
  5. Incoming and outgoing mail servers are both "mail.yourdomain.com
  6. Account name. This is your username which will be the full email address.
  7. Password. Enter the password you chose when creating the mail box.
  8. Choose your connection method. This "should" default to your default connection type.
  9. Click Finish (Although you are not finished yet)
  10. Double Click on the email account you just created in the Internet Accounts window.
  11. Click the Servers Tab.
  12. Check the "My server requires authentication" tab and then click apply and ok then close.

Outlook is now configured to send and receive email for your new mail box. Please repeat the above steps when you add more mail boxes in HELM.

Email Forwarders:

To use an email forwarder select the Email Forwarder in HELM and then choose the address you want to forward from and to. All email at chosenname@domain.com will forward to whereever@whereever.com and will not be stored on the server.

Web Mail:

To use Web Mail go to http://webmail.whereever.com
Username: Full email address
Password: chosen when you created the POP3 mail box.

Note: Only mail currently in your mail box will be viewable here. Any mail downloaded to your mail client will not be in the POP3 Mail Box anymore and will not be accessible by Web Mail.