Helm - Uploading Your Site

To upload the files for your website you will need an FTP client program such as WS FTP LE found here or you can use Internet Explorer to upload files.

As part of our security policy we do not allow FTP passive mode file transfer. Set your FTP client for active or port mode transfer. If you are using a firewall, like the one built into Windows XP, you may have to open up ports 20 and 21.

When you have added your domain name to the system you will need to set a username and password so you can transfer your files. To do this follow the instructions below or follow the video tutorial by clicking here.

  1. Log in to HELM
  2. Click Domains
  3. Click on the domain you added
  4. Click FTP Accounts
  5. A default account is automatically created. Click on it.
  6. Edit the password.
  7. Hit Save

Now that you have your FTP username and password you can proceed to upload your files to your webspace.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. In the Address bar type in (Once propagation has completed you can type ftp.yourdomain.com.

    Note: Accounts created 15th June 2004 or after will need to connect to if waiting for your domain to be moved over.

  3. A username and password box will appear.
  4. Type in your username and password and hit enter.
  5. Several folders will be displayed. You will need to click on the wwwroot folder and copy and paste your files in to this folder.
  6. Once completed your site is uploaded.