Helm - Permission Denied (18)

Permission Denied(18) when running the latest Helm update:


You may get a message similar to the one below when running the Helm update:

Copying File I6Remote.exe to C:Program FilesWebHost
Permission Denied(18)

You my then find you cannot get into the Helm Control Panel.

The update stops the Helm Website in IIS, then starts it again after completion - this is why you are not seeing the Helm interface working.
"Permission denied" means that you are running something else to do with Helm in the background. Close down the configuration tool, launch the Windows Task Manager and check the box that says "Show processes from all users". This tick box is in the bottom left of the Task Manager window.
Now end-task any processes with "Helm" in them (e.g. HelmLicence.exe, HelmBilling.exe).
Now try to run the update again - it should run successfully.