Ensim - Windows Install

Before installing Ensim Pro, ensure that the following components and services of Windows Server 2003 are installed on the server. These components and services are accessible through the Add/Remove Windows Components section of the Add or Remove Programs utility.

The following Window components need to be installed prior to installing Ensim:

If .NET 1.1 is not already installed on the server on which you are installing Ensim
Pro, the installer installs .NET 1.1 before installing Ensim Pro.
• Domain Name System (located under Networking Services)
• Internet Information Services (IIS)
Ensure the following components/services are present under IIS:
❑ Common Files
❑ File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service
❑ FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
❑ Internet Information Services Manager
❑ SMTP Service
❑ World Wide Web Service
Ensure the following components/services are installed under World Wide Web Service:
Active Server Pages, Remote Administration (HTML), Server Side Includes, and World Wide Web Service.
❑ QoS Packet Scheduler (located under Local Area Connection Properties)

Ensim Pro 10.0.0 is not compatible with Active Directory Services (ADS). Before installing Ensim Pro 10.0.0, ensure that the Active Directory Services component is not installed.
However, Ensim Pro 10.0.0 is compatible with Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM), and can be installed on a server pre-installed with ADAM.

You can download and extract the Ensim installer from here: