Veritas - Freezing Clusters


If there is a need to bring a resource in a service group offline without affecting other resources being run, then something similar to the following procedure can be used:
The aim here is to be able to take a critical resource offline to perform maintenance. Note that, ordinarily, a critical resource being offlined would cause the failover of a service group.
1. Freeze the service group in question, e.g.:
#haconf -makerw
#hagrp -freeze jbgroup -persistent
#haconf -dump -makero
#hagrp -display jbgroup reveals that the group is now frozen:
Group Attribute System Value
jbgroup AutoFailOver global 1
jbgroup AutoStart global 1
jbgroup AutoStartList global sptsunvcs2
jbgroup FailOverPolicy global Priority
jbgroup Frozen global 1 <-------------------
2. The resource can then be taken offline, e.g.:
#umount /jbvol (in this case, to serve as a simple example, the mountpoint /jbvol was taken offline)
3. The output from hastatus reveals:
# hastatus
attempting to connect....connected
group resource system message
--------------- -------------------- --------------- --------------------
sptsunvcs2 RUNNING
jbgroup sptsunvcs2 ONLINE
bdg sptsunvcs2 ONLINE
jbip sptsunvcs2 ONLINE
jbmount sptsunvcs2 ONLINE
jb_hme1 sptsunvcs2 ONLINE
jbdg_jbvol sptsunvcs2 ONLINE
jbgroup sptsunvcs2 PARTIAL *FAULTED*
jbmount sptsunvcs2 *FAULTED*
So it can be seen that by freezing the group only resources manually taken offline go offline.
4. Once the maintenance work has been carried out, the changes can then be reversed. Start by unfreezing the group:
#haconf -makerw
#hagrp -unfreeze jbgroup -persistent
#haconf -dump -makero
5. All that is required now is to clear the failed resources and online them. In this case:
#hastatus -summary reports just the one failed resource:
-- Group Type Resource System
C jbgroup Mount jbmount sptsunvcs2
That can be cleared by
#hares -clear jbmount
#hares -online jbmount -sys sptsunvcs2
To verify the resource is online correctly:
#hastatus -summary
-- Group System Probed AutoDisabled State
B jbgroup sptsunvcs1 Y N OFFLINE
B jbgroup sptsunvcs2 Y N ONLINE