Chapter 2. Before Configuring a Red Hat Cluster

Chapter 2. Before Configuring a Red Hat Cluster

2.1. Compatible Hardware
2.2. Enabling IP Ports
2.2.1. Enabling IP Ports on Cluster Nodes
2.2.2. Enabling IP Ports on Computers That Run luci
2.2.3. Examples of iptables Rules
2.3. Configuring ACPI For Use with Integrated Fence Devices
2.3.1. Disabling ACPI Soft-Off with chkconfig Management
2.3.2. Disabling ACPI Soft-Off with the BIOS
2.3.3. Disabling ACPI Completely in the grub.conf File
2.4. Configuring max_luns
2.5. Considerations for Using Quorum Disk
2.6. Multicast Addresses
2.7. Considerations for Using Conga
2.8. General Configuration Considerations

This chapter describes tasks to perform and considerations to make before installing and configuring a Red Hat Cluster, and consists of the following sections:

  • Section 2.1, “Compatible Hardware”

  • Section 2.2, “Enabling IP Ports”

  • Section 2.3, “Configuring ACPI For Use with Integrated Fence Devices”

  • Section 2.4, “Configuring max_luns”

  • Section 2.5, “Considerations for Using Quorum Disk”

  • Section 2.6, “Multicast Addresses”

  • Section 2.7, “Considerations for Using Conga

  • Section 2.8, “General Configuration Considerations”