Updating LOM (Netra Lights Out Management ) On SunFire V120

First you will need to download the LOM update using the following url:


Now unzip the LOM update:

# mkdir LOM20
# mv lom20.zip LOM20
# cd LOM20
# unzip lom20.zip

Now you will need to update the current LOM verison:

lom -G default
This program will replace LOM firmware version 3.10 with version 3.14
Are you sure you want to continue?
Enter 'C' and return to Continue or anything else to Terminate

LOM firmware download in progress...

For the Sun Fire V1280 platform, firmware is delivered by a dedicated
patch. In this case, the firmware update can be performed by using
the command:
# lom -G filename

LOM version: v3.14
LOM checksum: 1190
LOM firmware part# 258-7871-20
Microcontroller: H8/3437S
LOM firmware build Aug 5 2004 10:39:42
Configuration rev. v0.0

Fault ON
Alarm1 OFF
Alarm2 OFF
Alarm3 ON

lom>set alarm3 off
lom>set fault off

1: [not defined]
2: [not defined]
3: [not defined]
4: [not defined]

lom>useradd root

Usage: userperm username [a][c][r][u][-]
lom>userperm root acru

lom>userpassword root
Enter new password: xxxx
Reenter new password:
Password changed

1: root: acru
2: [not defined]
3: [not defined]
4: [not defined]

LOMlite console
Please login: