Veritas Volume Manager – Mirroring a Volume

5. Mirroring a Volume

Mirroring allow data to be written simultaneously to two disks so that in case of failure of one disk data is available from the other mirrored disk. Boot disks can be mirriored to provide alternate booting disk .

5.1 Creating & Mirroring a New Volume

Command Syntax :

· vxassist make volume_name length layout=mirror

To create the mirrored volume, appvol22 of 100mb
· #vxassist make appvol22 100m layout=mirror

To create a volume with Dirty Region Logging enabled
· #vxassist make volume_name length layout=mirror,log

5.2 Mirroring an Existing Volume

Command syntax

· vxassist mirror volume_name

Creating a mirror of volume vol44:
· #vxassist mirror vol44

5.3 Mirroring All Volumes

To mirror all existing volumes to available disk space

· /etc/vx/bin/vxmirror -a