Veritas Volume Manager – Removing a RAID-5 Log

9. Removing a RAID-5 Log

Removing a RAID-5 log involves first dissociating the log from its volume and then removing the log and any associated subdisks completely.

Dissociate the log from its volume as follows:

· #vxplex -o rm dis plex_name

To identify the log plex, use the command:

· vxprint -ht raid5_volume_name

To disassociate the log plex volrd-02 from volrd, type:

· #vxplex -o rm dis volrd-02

The output of vxprint -h for volrd now shows:

Disk group: rootdg TY NAME ASSOC KSTATE LENGTH PLOFFS STATE TUTIL0 PUTIL0 v volrd raid5 ENABLED 32 – ACTIVE – - pl volrd-01 volrd ENABLED 32 – ACTIVE – - sd disk01-02 volrd-01 – 32 0 – - – sd disk02-03 volrd-01 – 32 0 – - -


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