Add Printer And Driver

Add the following lines to /etc/hosts: (psapps03/04, pshp4) PRT_NUM1 # HP4250 Laser Printer PRT_NUM2 # HP4250 Laser Printer PRT_NUM3 # Canon IRC5045 Copier


Check server for HP4250 drivers:

addqueue -l | grep 4250


Add driver to server if not found:




Add printers to queue:

/opt/hpnpl/bin/addqueue -h PRT_NUM1 -q PRT_NUM1 -b off -i 402

/opt/hpnpl/bin/addqueue -h PRT_NUM2 -q PRT_NUM2 -b off -i 402

/opt/hpnpl/bin/addqueue -h PRT_NUM3 -q PRT_NUM3 -b off -i 1 


Check printer queue:

lpstat -o 


Test connection to printer:

/opt/hpnpl/bin/hpnpf -x PRT_NUM1 -l /root/hp_printer_ PRT_NUM1.log test.txt

/opt/hpnpl/bin/hpnpf -x PRT_NUM2 -l /root/hp_printer_ PRT_NUM2.log test.txt