Password Aging HP-UX

# /usr/lbin/getprpw test
uid=101, bootpw=NO, audid=13, audflg=1, mintm=2, maxpwln=-1, exptm=30, lftm=40,
spwchg=Thu Nov 21 18:07:34 2002, upwchg=-1, acctexp=-1, llog=-1, expwarn=2, usrp
ick=DFT, syspnpw=DFT, rstrpw=DFT, nullpw=DFT, admnum=-1, syschpw=DFT, sysltpw=DF
T, timeod=-1, slogint=Thu Nov 21 16:08:10 2002, ulogint=Thu Nov 21 16:07:13 2002
, sloginy=-1, culogin=-1, uloginy=-1, umaxlntr=-1, alock=NO, lockout=0000100

Password Format Policies:

maxpwln ==> Maximum Password Length
nullpw ==> Allow Null Passwords
rstrpw ==> Use Restriction Rules
usrpick ==> User Specifies
syschpw ==> System Generates Character
sysltpw ==> System Generates Letters only
syspnpw ==> System Generates Pronounceable

Password Aging Policies

exptm ==> Password Expiration Time (days)
expwarn ==> Password Expiration Warning Time (days)
lftm ==> Password Life Time (days)
mintm ==> Time Between Password Changes (days)

NOTE: If password aging is disabled, all above parameters are set
to 0.

General User Account Policies

bootpw ==> Require Login Upon Boot To Single-User State
llog ==> Maximum Inactive Time (days)
umaxlntr ==> Unsuccessful login Tries Allowed

NOTE: If Lock Inactive Accounts is disabled, llog is set to 0.

Terminal Security Policies

dlylntr ==> Delay Between Login Tries (sec)
lntmout ==> Login Timeout Value (sec)