Spamassassin - User Preferences

The following options can be used in both site-wide ( and user-specific (user_prefs) configuration files to customize how SpamAssassin handles incoming email messages.

Version Options

require_version n.nn

Indicates that the entire file, from this line on, requires a certain version of SpamAssassin to run. If an older or newer version of SpamAssassin tries to read configuration from this file, it will output a warning instead, and ignore it.
version_tag string
This tag is appended to the SA version in the X-Spam-Status header. You should include it when modify your ruleset, especially if you plan to distribute it. A good choice for string is your last name or your initials followed by a number which you increase with each change.


  version_tag myrules1    # version=2.41-myrules1